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The ten SVTC Board of Directors are elected by our members every year.  Elections are held in November and all positions are open for nomination. The Board is always looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to help SVTC continue to be a great club for multi-sport athletes.


The SVTC Board of Directors formally meet in the evenings on the third Monday of each month. These meetings are open to club members who wish to listen in on items discussed on the agenda. Any member wishing to attend should contact the BoD for the exact time, location and date of each meeting as we occasionally need to reschedule it.
If you interested in running for a BoD position or be a committee member, lease contact any of the Board members at

Carin LeVine
Eight years ago, Carin LeVine won a lottery entry to the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon.  By the time she crossed the finish line, she knew she was in love with the sport.  Carin has passionately served on SVTC's Board for eight consecutive years.  For the first three years she served as our Vice President and has been our President for the last five years.

In addition to devoting much time and energy to leading our club, Carin is the owner of and attorney at LeVine Law Offices and recently founded which was inspired by her tenure with SVTC.  Her services include helping athletes and coaches to secure their future through estate planning and legal advice on business transactions.



Kyle Welch
Vice President

Kyle is a charter member of SVTC, joining when the club formed in 1998.  He joined the Board as the Sponsorship Chairperson in 2008 and has since toggled back and forth between the Sponsorship and the Vice President roles.  From SVTC's roots, Kyle has played a part in molding this club into what it is today.
As a 18 year triathlon veteran; Kyle is one of the most accomplished triathletes in our club and in the country.  A few of his accolades include: 2016 ITU Short Distance World Champion - gold medal, 2016 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - gold medal, 2014 ITU Long Distance World Champion - gold medal; 2014 ITU Short Distance World Championship - silver medal;  2013 USA Triathlon Age Group Sprint National Champion - gold medal; 2013 Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship - bronze medal; 2013 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - gold medal; 2012 USA Triathlon Master's Athlete of the Year - honorable mention;  2011 ITU Short Distance World Champion - gold medal; 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championship - silver medal; 2010 ITU Short Distance World Championship - bronze medal; 2010 Asia Pacific IM 70.3 Champion - gold medal; and 2006 USA Triathlon Age Group Olympic Distance National Champion.  It will come as no surprise that Kyle has been voted by our members, for several years, as our "Male Athlete of the Year".
When not running around in a bathing suit, Kyle works full-time as a sales executive at GLOBAL FOUNDRIES. Apart from that he enjoys volunteer work and serves as a Commissioner for the Sunnyvale Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission, founder and board member for his neighborhood association, board member for the Palo Alto Run Club, and event planner for Wipeout-Cancer Sports Day for Charity and the Silicon Valley Kids' Triathlon. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities, Japanese language study, raising chickens, and travel.  


Carolyn Magsalay
Carolyn is a 10 year veteran triathlete who has served on the Board as "Madame Secretary" since 2013.
Carolyn is currently taking a hiatus from triathlons to enjoy body building, trail running, the occasional marathon and multi-day hiking trips, which she has grown fond of following a trip to New Zealand. Carolyn is also a wine aficionado and foodie which we are grateful for because she is also our resident mixologist at our "Aero Bar" and grill master at our barbecue.  When she is not playing outdoors or cooking, Carolyn is a Factory Automation Software Test Engineer at Applied Materials.
Since joining the Board she has been having a blast meeting new people and being involved in making decisions that impact the club. Carolyn encourages others to try it.  
Minel Diaz

Minel is an ultra runner who tries to tri!  She has completed over 35 running races over the last 11 years at distances ranging from 5 to 100 kilometers!  She started participating in short-distance triathlons as a way to cross-train for her running.  In 2014, she was encouraged by her friends at SVTC to train for her first half-ironman distance.  The following year she was voted by her peers as SVTC's "Rookie of the Year"!  Minel found a good fit with SVTC; she developed good friendships and received a lot of support while she was learning how to bike and swim.

Prior to serving on the Board, Minel offered her professional expertise as a CPA and Internal Audit Manager, to be the accountant for our Silicon Valley Kids' Triathlon.  In 2014, she was recruited to be our Treasurer.

Rick Schwartz
Coaching Director
Just one year after Rick decided he wanted to become a triathlete, he fortuitously won a racing bike (for being the top fundraiser for Team in Training)!  Rick is now a veteran triathlete and completed his first Ironman in 2013.  A few years later, Rick received more good fortune, in the form of 15 cases of Australian ginger beer, which he won by submitting a catchy slogan.  Rick generously shared his inventory of ginger beer with his training buddies after workouts.  He must have had a lot of training buddies that year.

This is Rick’s third year on the board and if he isn’t busy being the Managing Director of Duff & Phelps’ Strategic Value Advisory Group, baking a pie or banging his djembe, you can see him working with the SVTC coaching staff as our Coaching Director.


Patrick Lai
Social Director

Paul Bragg
Sponsorship Director
Paul grew up running cross country and track during High School and enjoyed swimming during the summers. In 2003, Paul was in search of a new challenge. This search led to purchasing his first bike and registering for his first triathlon, the Tri for Fun. He was immediately hooked and has been racing triathlons on and off ever since. This year Paul looks forward to training for his first race since the Auburn Half in 2011. In addition, he found a new challenge. This will be Paul's first season racing criterium.
Paul has been a member of SVTC, on and off, since 2003. This is his first year on the Board as our Sponsorship Director. Paul volunteered for the position because he wanted to give back to the club and members who kept him motivated through the years. Even when Paul wasn't racing, he volunteered to help lead club bike rides.
We especially appreciate Paul volunteering to be our resident DJ. Lucky for us, he owns a DJ company (in addition to a full-time job) and has DJ'd over 300 weddings. Paul also loves traveling, white water rafting, scuba diving and anything that will get him in the fresh air, feeling the sun and enjoying life. Over the past couple of years, Paul has met a lot of really cool SVTC members who are fun, enjoy tri's and doing things outside of workouts. 

Christina Minasi
Five years ago, Christina joined SVTC because she wanted to meet new friends at track who she could run with on the weekends. Not only did Christina find new training buddies, she was encouraged by her peers to add swimming and biking to her repertoire. Now in her fifth triathlon season, Christina has met and continues to meet some great friends through SVTC who support her while swimming, biking and running.  Christina spends a lot of her time tri-ing and loves to organize fun member led workouts.  In fact she takes “fun member led workout” to a whole new level, organizing “train-cations” in Portland, Hawaii and Spain. This year, Christina is looking forward to a “race-cation” in Mexico with her tri-peeps.

This is Christina's second year in a row serving as our Volunteer’s Director. From 2012 - 2013, Christina served as our Treasurer, a role she is expertly qualified for as a Partner and CPA at BDO, LLP.


Jimmy Dworkin
Jimmy is a seasoned veteran who has been racing triathlons for 21 years.  His first triathlon experience was in 1995 when he ran the third leg of the Vineman triathlon as part of a relay team.  Jimmy was hooked ever since and completed his first solo triathlon, the Wildflower long course, the following year in 1996.  He has raced Wildflower every year since and has completed over 200 races to date.
Jimmy has been member of SVTC since 2005 and this is his first year serving on the Board as our Memberships Director.  During the off-season, Jimmy leads our SVTC Thursday night spin and core workout.  He enjoys being a part of the triathlon community where he has met many great people.  He is married with 2 kids, a dog and a cat.  

Pim Kunakasem
Pim is relatively new to triathlons.  She competed in her first triathlon in 2011 after learning how to swim a year earlier and swearing she'd never do triathlon.  Pim finished her first Ironman one year later in 2012. Pim also swore she'd never do an Ironman distance. Since then, she has learned never to say never, has taken up ultrarunning and is learning how to stay upright on her mountain bike.  
When Pim first joined SVTC in 2012, she trained on her own or with only the few members she knew. Then one day she sent an email inviting other members to join her on a training ride at Lake Tahoe.  To her surprise, about twenty members showed up! Since then, she has enjoyed meeting, training and socializing with many SVTC members. This is her third year on our Board. She is our Communications Director and also served as our Social Director for the previous two years.  Her professional background includes 16 years at a professional services firm with experience in corporate event planning, human resources, sourcing, corporate training, financial auditing, corporate taxation and social media marketing.

Pim is an ambassador for Team Betty Design and authors a healthy food blog called "The Hungry Athlete" which you can follow on the website links below. If you attended our 
Wildflower training weekend or summer barbecue in the past couple of years, you've sampled her dishes.