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All Board of Directors members are volunteers and voted in by our members. Positions are up for nomination annually, with final elections held each November. If you are interested in a position or would like to nominate a member for a position, please contact

The SVTC Board of Directors meetings are typically held on the third Monday of each month. These meetings are open to all club members who are interested in listening in on items discussed on the agenda. Members who wish to attend should contact a member of the board for the exact date, time, and location of each meeting.

The board is always looking for enthusiastic people to help SVTC continue to be a great club for multi-sport athletes! Board of Directors formally meet in the evenings on the third Monday of each month. These meetings are open to club members who wish to listen in on items discussed on the agenda. Any member wishing to attend should contact the BoD for the exact time, location and date of each meeting as we occasionally need to reschedule it.


Jérôme Guionnet

Jérôme started Triathlon with SVTC NTTS in Jan 2017. Before that he was exercising to stay healthy, biking (with his 20 years old road bike), running, hiking, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. He found an amazing community with SVTC and got hooked. He has been doing 5 to 6 races per year. He podiumed the first year in Tri Santa Cruz, with an entry-level carbon bike, as the strong guys from his age group were not there! He then did 3 half ironmans before finally doing one he was happy with. The first one, the swim was shortened due to fog, the second one he had a mechanical problem with his bike. Finally, in the 3rd one his persistence and efforts paid off! 

2019 was an amazing year for him as he qualified for Ironman 70.3 world championship for the first time. He did his first Ironman, got onto the podium (3rd place) and went to the 70.3 world championship in France, where he is from. SVTC gave him a lot so he joined the BoD to give back to and support this great team, so do not hesitate to bug him with any questions. 

When he is not training for a triathlon, he is working as a software engineer. As a family, his wife and daughter, they enjoy being outdoors for scuba diving, paddle boarding or hiking, they also love cooking and traveling for vacations or now racecations! 



Kyle Welch
Vice President

Kyle is a charter member of SVTC, joining when the club formed in 1998. He joined the Board as the Sponsorship Chairperson in 2008 and has held various positions since that time. From SVTC's roots, Kyle has played a part in molding this club into what it is today.

Some of Kyle achievements in triathlon include; 2016 ITU Short Distance World Champion - gold medal, 2016 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - gold medal, 2014 ITU Long Distance World Champion - gold medal; 2014 ITU Short Distance World Championship - silver medal; 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group Sprint National Champion - gold medal; 2013 Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship - bronze medal; 2013 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - gold medal; 2012 USA Triathlon Master's Athlete of the Year - honorable mention; 2011 ITU Short Distance World Champion - gold medal; 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championship - silver medal; 2010 ITU Short Distance World Championship - bronze medal; 2010 Asia Pacific IM 70.3 Champion - gold medal; and 2006 USA Triathlon Age Group Olympic Distance National Champion. 

When not running around in a bathing suit, Kyle works full-time as a sales executive at Marvell Semiconductor. He also enjoys volunteer work for a variety of athletic and community organizations in the Bay Area. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities, Japanese language study, raising chickens, and travel.

Kim Clarno
Kim did her first sprint triathlon in 2012, shortly after joining SVTC to learn how to swim in open water.  She graduated to an Olympic Distance triathlon a few years later and decided it was long and tiring, so she's now a sprint specialist.  Kim is a great workout partner for your "easy" days, and she can often be found running on the trails at Rancho San Antonio, biking in the hills nearby, or swimming in Santa Cruz.

Patrick Lai

Patrick is multi-talented man who has served on the board for several years and is known to throw some wildly fun team training weekends, he’s very well travelled, and he’s a collector of fine wines and bike parts. Patrick is an asset to our board and we’re lucky to have him for yet another year!
Veronika Spalekova
Coaching Director

Veronika started with triathlons when she moved to California in 2014. While she enjoys participating in shorter distance races,  her goal for 2021 is to race at IM California!  Veronika is a USAT Level 1 Coach, Masters Coach Level 3, and an Adult Learn to Swim instructor.  She works as an aquatics manager at Cupertino Hills Swim and Racquet Club, and she is also a personal trainer for EXOS at Google.  

Veronika's involvement with SVTC is extensive as she is not only the Coaching Director but also a coach for our New to the Sport (NTTS).

Christina Minasi
Social Director

Six years ago, Christina joined SVTC because she wanted to meet new friends at track who she could run with on the weekends. Not only did Christina find new training buddies, she was encouraged by her peers to add swimming and biking to her repertoire. Now in her seventh triathlon season, Christina has met and continues to meet some great friends through SVTC who support her while swimming, biking, and running.  Christina spends a lot of her time tri-ing and loves to organize fun member-led workouts. In fact she takes “fun member led workout” to a whole new level, organizing “train-cations” in Portland, Hawaii, Spain, and Mexico with her tri-peeps.

From 2012 - 2013, Christina served as our Treasurer, a role she is expertly qualified for as a Partner and CPA at BDO, LLP.


Arnaud Perrier
Sponsorship Director
Arnaud was not much of a swimmer, had never been on a road bike, and hated running. That’s until he went to the SVTC open house in 2017 with friends and thought “hey this looks like fun maybe I could do that”. He enrolled in the NTTS program together with his wife Delphine, got his first ever road bike and clips, and finished 7th in AG at his first Sprint at Half Moon Bay Triathlon. From that day on, he was hooked! He finished his first IM 70.3 in Santa Cruz in 2018, and achieved Ironman AWA status in 2019 after completing both IM 70.3 Hawaii and IM 70.3 Santa Cruz. His goal is now to finish his first full IM 140.6. But most of all Arnaud loves the friendships and community the club brought him, and is happy to give some of his time and effort back to the club. When not busy working at his high tech job or training, Arnaud enjoys skiing, hiking, and boating + fishing with his family in Brittany where he grew up.

Brenna Broadnax
Membership Director
Warm, friendly, and open minded, she will welcome anyone to the club with open arms. Brenna is an elementary school teacher by day, will entertain you on long runs/rides with her life stories , and will almost always say yes to crazy birthday workouts. For her own milestone birthday celebration this year, she organized and completed her very own Ironman in Santa Rosa. This is a woman who certainly knows how to live life to the fullest!

Venkatesh Ramanathan
Volunteer Director

Venkatesh is a gentle soul especially when it comes to animals, still drives his first car from when he moved to the US 25 years ago, completed his first full IM just 2 years after learning to swim and bike, and has his  set on competing in the Boston Marathon someday. Beware, don’t let his kind demeanor fool you, he’ll overtake you on the run!

Lilian Iskandar 
Communications Director
Originally from the east coast, Lilian and her family (husband and 2 children) moved out to Silicon Valley in 2014. Her triathlon career was only in the early stages, as she had just done 2 olympic distance races months after taking a swim class at a local YMCA and borrowing a bike.  Upon joining SVTC, Lilian added structure to her training through coach Garry's team SVTC plan and improved her game tremendously.  Her achievements today include landing several podium spots at local races, attaining several IM 70.3 and IM 140.6 medals, and qualifying for the Boston Marathon and ITU World Championship for standard triathlon.  It's safe to say that Lilian is a homegrown product of SVTC.  As your Communications Director, she is excited and eager to give back to the community that has given her so much.  

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