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Lisa Engles – Track

Lisa began coaching SVTC track in 2002 until 2007. We welcomed her return to coaching SVTC track in 2014.

Lisa has had a passion for running and triathlon since she was a teenager. Her dedication to understanding the physical and mental aspects of peak performance led her into her career as a health and fitness professional in 1992. In her late 20’s she turned her attention to mindful approaches to health, fitness and performance after being plagued with constant injury from years of overtraining. Since then, Lisa has been committed to teaching her fitness clients how to move from being in a constant battle with their body to creating a partnership with it. She believes that our body is our ultimate teacher as it’s the perfect reflection of our life attitudes, outlooks and beliefs. 

Since 2000, Lisa has worked in world-class fitness facilities in the SF Bay Area including Western Athletic Clubs and Evolution Trainers. She is the author of Breathe Run Breathe: Ancient Breathing Secrets To Make Your Daily Run an Effortless, Revitalizing and Mindful Practice. She is the creator of the Breathe Run Breathe Program and Pranayama Running. Lisa has also been a presenter for USA Triathlon since 2007

Soren Thorvald - Swim

Soren is a lifelong athlete in the Clydesdale category. At present he coaches the boys and girls team at Willow Glen High School. Previously, Soren has coached Senior's, Masters and Age Group at Triton in Denmark, Santa Clara Swim Club, Rinconada Masters and Moffet Towers Club. Soren was a Danish Junior Champion in swimming, and has participated in several marathons, half Ironmans, and 2 full Ironmans. Recently he completed Ironman Copenhagen (August 2015) and plans a repeat performance in 2016.

Lucas.jpg Lucas Salles-Cunha - Swim

Lucas has recently coached or had a hand in coaching Far Western and Junior Olympic Champions, and numerous finalists. He has coached three National top 5 swimmers in their age group, two Pacific Swimming "Swimmers of the Year" and a Pacific Swimming record holder. He has coached a range of swimming abilities from beginning to Olympic Trials swimmer. Lucas' own accomplishments includes 8 time Florida State Finalist, 4 Individual Finals, Masters competitor, Multiple Event Winner and Multiple top 10 finishes at Masters Nationals. He has also participated and placed top 10 in multiple open water finishes.

Bernardo Tapia - New to the Sport

Bernardo is the assistant program manager at Stanford for fitness and wellness programs. He also coaches running for the athletics department for runners training for races from 5K’s to marathons. He's an athlete and officer for the Stanford Triathlon Team and leads the running programs for USA Productions. Bernardo's passion is running and teaching the value of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Garry Chinn - Team SVTC

Garry has been an SVTC member since 2006, leading club bike rides since 2008. Prior to joining the club, he was a middledistance recreational runner for many years before life got in the way. After a long break from running, Garry started racing triathlons in 2006. His day job is a researcher in the Molecular Imaging Program at the Stanford School of Medicine. He likes to blend his interests in medicine, physiology, and molecular biology with training for endurance sports.