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Club Merchandises can be bought year around on Society6 SVTC Store

Team store, offering training and racing outfit, is open twice a year. See details below.

Team store is now open until June 14, 2024.

NOTE: The women's tri kits have the pink sky, while the women's cycling kits have the turquoise/gold sky. Conversely, the men's tri kits have the turquoise/gold sky, and the men's cycling kits have the pink sky. Additionally we have added some exciting new items in the selection including LS cycling jersey and Aero Calf sleeves!

Please be mindful of what you are ordering.  Kits are made to order, thus they are not refundable nor exchangeable. Below are FAQs. If you still have questions, please send them to  


Team Kits FAQs: 
Q. I am not sure of my size, what can I do? 
A. Visit the sizing guidelines page at Zoot Womens or at Zoot Mens, or even better is to ask a fellow club member if you could try on his/her kit. 

Q. Does Zoot offer plus/athena size?
A. Zoot does offer Plus/Athena size Race suit and will process your order manually.

Please send size and shipping info. directly to Zoot and they will process this separately and email a payment link for the order.

Q. I wish we would have ____ style in ____ color.  Will this not be available? 
A. Due to minimum order requirements by the vendor, we are only able to offer the more "in demand" items.    
Q. When will we receive our orders? 
A. Orders are typically fulfilled 8-10 weeks after the store CLOSES, and not from the date that you placed your order. 

Q. How much is everything? 
A. Pricing obviously will depend on the pieces, but Zoot has been generous enough to give us a special discount of up to 20% on some of the items.  Please also expect a 3% credit card fee, sales tax, and shipping fee. 

Q. Do we still pay shipping if ordering above a certain amount? 
A. Yes, with each order there is a shipping fee.  If you are making a small order or just want to save on shipping, buddy up with other athletes and ship to one address!  

Q. Is it mandatory to wear the team kits
A. No, but we hope that you do!  Not only does it give our club unity during training and racing, but it is much easier to pick you out during a race.  Volunteers can cheer harder for you, and you will be more easily caught on camera when we have volunteer photographers on the race course (free race pictures)! 

Q. What if I mess up my order?
A. It happens!  If it is before store closing, please contact Zoot at

Q. Do the women's tri tank have a bra insert?
A. No, they do not.

Q. What kind of material is the hoodie?
A. It is a lightweight moisture wicking fabric, and not a heavy cotton material.  It is meant to be used during workouts.

Q. What kind of material is the run jacket?
A.  It is a windbreaker type material.
Q. Will I get the chance to order later if I do not in this round?
A. Yes, but you may need to wait several months before the store opens up again.